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health desserts recipe

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“Why Must Easy Desserts??”


easy desserts recipe

Making easy desserts is going to bring a lot of benefits. With a lot of things to prepare for a great dinner night, quick simple desserts will save more time and money. Here are some ideas of desserts menu that is easy and quick to make desserts and prepare on the table.



quick easy dessertsNowadays, people try to understand that healthy is the most important think in their life. Diabetes, Cardiac Arrest, Stroke, even cancer is can caused by ‘wrong choice’ of food. How about You? Do you ever care about your lifestyle? Do you ever *try* to look your daily easy desserts menus? or might be, you are one of the desperate person that crawling into the website and accidently found this simple desserts recipe website! You are the lucky guy! :)

Food is called as Simple Desserts for some reasons. It can be because it doesn’t need many difficult ingredients to make the food or it can be prepared quickly. Cooking simple desserts can be started by checking in the kitchen cabinet and refrigerator to see the food materials available there. People use to have some fruits, vegetables and jelly powders then those ingredients are enough to be made as simple dessert menu. Fruit and vegetables can be processed to be delicious salad. There must be mayonnaise sauce purchased first as the salad dressing. This sauce is easy to find and processing fruits vegetables salad can be done within some minutes. It is the kind of healthy and simple desserts menu to cook.

So, let we see, what kind of food that you can cook instantly in your home! Hope you can eat and taste the “heaven” on the world.. Ameen brotha!





Main Ingredients : Jelly Powder,Fresh Milk,Sugar, water.


As I know besides seasy to make dessertsalad, another idea of my favorite for simple and quick desserts is pudding. Jelly powder, milk and sugar are mixed together with water then this dough is cooked. (it just like pancake mix from scratch recipe, you have to mix each other until it mixed together) After it is cooked, it should be put in the refrigerator for the perfect result.

While the pudding is about to be served, there can be mustard sauce added there for making this pudding being more delicious. There can be fruits used in the pudding as the ingredients or garnish.

Done………………… Isn’t that really easy? :)




” What about the baked for desserts menu? “


Quick and Easy Desserts



Main Ingredients: Butter, Sugar, Eggs, Vanilla, Flour, Baking powder, and salt.

One of them is cookies. For people who don’t want to spend much time in preparing cookies, they can purchase the cookies instant powder in the store then make the dough from it. The dough must be baked for some minutes then the cookies can be added with some combinations like jam or icy sugar to make them more special. Besides the cookies, You can add some oreo cupcakes for extra desserts menu. It taste better, when you eat both together. Trust me!




This is the video tutorial how you can make a doughnut :


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“Wine The Simplest Drink..”

easy healthy desserts

There is one more thing that people use to serve in the dinner. This is wine. Wine can be served in some various types. It can be the drink or it can be combined with other simple desserts menus. For example, having some gluten free banana bread recipe will be the perfect partner for wine. There are some simple cakes can be made too such as whole wheat pancakes recipes and they are served as the best simple desserts recipe.

The explanation above is how to serve delicious simple desserts. Although those foods are easy to prepare but the taste of them is still great. Those Desserts are great for being served by the dinner hosts who don’t have much time to prepare the night. They seem like the simple food but it is possible to make pudding, salad and cookies as the impressive easy to make desserts recipe. How those foods are served as simple easy desserts is going to make the guests’ impression about dinner. Adding some garnish in the pudding is done to make the pudding looks more attractive.

easy desserts

On the serving plate, there can be a slice of lemon and strawberry put around pudding then mustard cream and cherry on the pudding. Serving salad as your choices of easy and quick desserts can be done in special way too. There must be different colors of fruits and vegetables used to make this attractive salad then the mayonnaise sauce is added there. Fresh vegetables and fruits are required for good taste salad. Besides mayonnaise sauce, the alternative of salad dressing is thousands island with different flavor sensation.

For serving cookies, there can be cheese slice put on the plate. Strawberry and orange can be completed those cookies and so with mint leafs. All of them are the great ideas for desserts that can be cooked easily and quickly. People don’t need to be a great chef to make those dessert menus. With a little creativity, they can serve the delicious attractive desserts menus for the special guests. Hope this intro will let you know about what easy desserts to make for you or your lovely family. Just look into other recipes, and find out what useful for you. Voala! :)


Desserts Easy


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